Monday, March 30, 2015

Brzowski - Wichita EP

If you don't know what "new england gothic rap" is, it's because you've never listened to Brzowski, simple as that. If you are familiar with Brzowski, or maybe you even know him by 'uncle brzo,' then you won't be surprised to hear he has a new ep out. I'm not reviewing it because I'm lazy as shit and have a pile of cds/tapes/vinyl people have given me with the expectation of me reviewing them for the zine. But Brzo is always releasing music so unique, weather alone, with Vinyl Cape (Brzowski, C Money Burns, & Mo Nikls), through Milled Pavement, or with DJ Halo that I couldn't help but share it. Enjoy.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

PT Burnem - Pink Lazers

Indie rapper vagabond mainstay, PT Burnem puts out his new release, Pink Lazers. Burnem is coining the phase "subconscious rap" to help describe this 13 track release. The album has features that serve as land marks in Burnem's touring and living history over the last few years including Swordplay, Ceschi, Eyenine, Paulie Think, Drew Scott, MCNEye, and more
Stream it here

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Jumbled - Club Classics

Jumbled is a 35 year old hip hop producer from that grew up listening to Baltimore Club. This ep is meant as an homage, blending sample club breaks and disco samples. Songs are kept short for short attention spans.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Emoore Saylavee - Dr. Magic (new single)

I been seeing the name Emoore Saylavee around for a little bit. Orignally from Rochester, NY, then to Detroit, MI, then to, NYC and wherever the wind takes him next. He's a vagabond emcee, part rapper, part folk, with all punk ethics.

This is straight from the horses mouth on his new single...

"emoore saylavee's new single "dr.magic" finds the typically introspective rapper entering some unchartered territory-playing with fire in the form of blatant cockiness and burning a few bridges while he's at it. The track is part victory lap, as emoore looks gratefully and having spent a good decade and a half in the rap game and proud to still be apart of it, and part making a scene at a party he wasn't invited to by taking shots at mainstream exploitation rappers. file this one under arrogant underdog rap."

Listen here

Friday, February 27, 2015

Zeus - Closer To Dead

Zeus (half of Middle Name Danger), of Beasley's Corner Bodega got that new mixtape to make your shit shake.

Zeus releases a new 6 track mixtape featuring several original beats from him and Nautilus as well as a couple remixes. Download this for free in preparation of a much bigger Zeus project with some special guests this summer!

free download

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Stillborn Identity - Rainbow Assasins (w/ Jack Wilson & Davy Hamburgers as Bigelow Riders) off STLBRNcollabamonth2015

Underground rapper, Stillborn Identity, releases first leak off upcoming project, STLBRNcollabamonth2015.

    Stillborn Identity (of Pittsburgh's Surface Level Records) teams up with Jack Wilson (NYC via Pittsburgh), and Davy Hamburgers (the Pittsburgh's MF Doom) for this Bigelow Riders track, Rainbow Assassins. Although the three are primarily focused on solo and other artistic endeavors of various mediums, they occasionally join forces as, Bigelow Riders. In this case releasing an all thrills no frills Davy Hamburger produced banger.
     As the title may have already pointed out, Stillborn's album, STLBRNcollabamonth2015, is a collection of collaborations released monthly in 2015 and leaked onto the internet. In addition to the songs shared during the course of the year, Stillborn will be gathering remixes, mash-ups, lost verses, and flipped concepts of those tracks that will only be available by purchasing physical or digital copies of the album.