Friday, October 13, 2017

ialive & Height Keech - These Days

The first single released off the ialive and Height Keech collaborating effort, Timewave Zero on Cold Rhymes Records, is the track These Days. Height is producing this project while ialive handles the vocals which include both rapping and singing. Although relatively new to production Height Keech has already found a style of production that’s all his and can carry a very catchy groove thanks to his unconventional style of digging in different genres and different formats. This beat in particle makes me feel like it’s winter and I’m sitting in a cabin in front of a fire sipping hot chocolate. The track These Days ialive talks about “replaying my favorite memories over metronomes,” as is stated in his hook. The hook that occurs every eight bars is ialive flexing his singing voice, something he’s been doing more and more often lately. The short eight bar verses are enough for ialive to delivery at least one memory in a very relaxing tone over Heght’s track that I can only best describe as, cold blue, which is fitting because ialive talks a lot about gloomy/cold weather (but not in a negative way). I’m expecting to hear more stuff like These Days on this release. Opposed to ialive’s more boom-bap influenced tracks I think Cold Rhymes Records will give him the freedom to stray from his purist roots & try something left field of rap while a more centered towards pop structure.

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<iframe style="border: 0; width: 100%; height: 42px;" src="" seamless><a href="">Timewave Zero by ialive / Height Keech</a></iframe>

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Thursday, October 5, 2017

TTAD #26 w/ K Death of Moodie Black

I got the opportunity to interview K Death of Moodie Black when they toured through Philadelphia. K Death (Chris) was the first person I had 100% never talked to before an interview. I reached out via twitter and we set up a time and place to meet before the show.

We did the interview at a coffee shop near the venue since the venue wasn't open yet. So obviously there's some background noise and I wasn't able to cut out all the dead ends in our conversation since I didn't want it to seem super choppy.

After the interview while talking to Chris via email I was informed that Chris identified with she/her instead of he/him. I immediately felt like a buster for not being aware of this. Especially since the next episode of Moodhouse podcast was about trans awareness. This could have been a great chance for me to tackle something more important rather than just tracing an artists discography. But I wasn't confident with my knowledge on the subject, so instead of trying to use this podcast to educate myself on the topic with someone who has been living through it I ignored it. don't convince people to listen to your interview with K Death of Moodie Black by mentioning all the things that you forgot to bring up. None the less if you're a fan of Moodie Black or noise rap in general checking out this interview will be well worth you time. We discuss K Death not wanting Moodie Black to be pigeon holed as some underground artists, Death Grips fans, not liking to collaborate, thinking rap names are silly, and more!

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Moodie Black

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Back to the Blog

Back to the Blog

     Two and a half years since the last blog post and I’m bringing it back. I’ve been up, down, in, out, and every which way but loose. I’ve been a zine, podcast, and website but I’m brining it back to the good ol’ blogspot where it all started in 2011.
     In the early 2010’s I was more often than not between apartments, between cities, between girlfriends, and/or between jobs . Somehow that made me feel like my life was worth documenting. I was probably reading too much Al Burian at the time, adapting to the under-motivated lifestyle Burian wrote about while bouncing between punk shows, temporary jobs, and failing relationships in various cities. During the early days of The Throw Away Days blog the only consistent things in my life were skateboarding, rap shows, and the steady stream of new people I met and experiences I had thanks to the two aforementioned.
     I ended up planting my flag in Pittsburgh for years. I hosted every small scale indie rap show I could convince to tour through and skated (aka drank beer) with every skateboarder irresponsible enough to go to Lava Lounge/Dee’s Cafe/Rugger’s Pub/Remedy/Belvedere’s Ultra Dive/Rock Room literally any night of the week with me. But after time my roots turned more into an anchor. Instead of feeling like I was seeded and sprouting in the area I felt more like my roots were growing backwards and the gravity of the city was bringing me down head first any chance it got. My career got old, my girlfriend dumped me, my dog died, my shows became stagnant, my skateboarding plateaued, my lease ended… my life began to suck.
     Until eventually I find myself where I am now. Philadelphia. In a new city eager to get my feet wet in the rap scene, digging to find new skate spots where I can do the same old tricks, having no luck finding decent paying jobs, having too much luck on Tinder, and writing about my under-whelming experiences in an over-analyzed sort of way.
     This blog is to help me more than it is to help the reader or my friends who I convince to be my muse. The victims of my interviews may look at our discussions as some free press for their new album/tour/product/etc, but for me it’s my way of getting my friends to give me some free advice on what to do or not to do, a free therapy lesson, a good laugh at their experience, or whatever combination of literally anything in the world. All the while publicly documenting it so it’s easily accessible for me to look back on years down the line.
    So a preemptive shout out to all my future subjects who I will try to dig up embarrassing stories of and turn to gold because here at The Throw Away Days one mans trash is another mans treasure. Thanks for allowing yourselves to become vulnerable with me.


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Monday, March 30, 2015

Brzowski - Wichita EP

If you don't know what "new england gothic rap" is, it's because you've never listened to Brzowski, simple as that. If you are familiar with Brzowski, or maybe you even know him by 'uncle brzo,' then you won't be surprised to hear he has a new ep out. I'm not reviewing it because I'm lazy as shit and have a pile of cds/tapes/vinyl people have given me with the expectation of me reviewing them for the zine. But Brzo is always releasing music so unique, weather alone, with Vinyl Cape (Brzowski, C Money Burns, & Mo Nikls), through Milled Pavement, or with DJ Halo that I couldn't help but share it. Enjoy.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

PT Burnem - Pink Lazers

Indie rapper vagabond mainstay, PT Burnem puts out his new release, Pink Lazers. Burnem is coining the phase "subconscious rap" to help describe this 13 track release. The album has features that serve as land marks in Burnem's touring and living history over the last few years including Swordplay, Ceschi, Eyenine, Paulie Think, Drew Scott, MCNEye, and more
Stream it here

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Jumbled - Club Classics

Jumbled is a 35 year old hip hop producer from that grew up listening to Baltimore Club. This ep is meant as an homage, blending sample club breaks and disco samples. Songs are kept short for short attention spans.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Emoore Saylavee - Dr. Magic (new single)

I been seeing the name Emoore Saylavee around for a little bit. Orignally from Rochester, NY, then to Detroit, MI, then to, NYC and wherever the wind takes him next. He's a vagabond emcee, part rapper, part folk, with all punk ethics.

This is straight from the horses mouth on his new single...

"emoore saylavee's new single "dr.magic" finds the typically introspective rapper entering some unchartered territory-playing with fire in the form of blatant cockiness and burning a few bridges while he's at it. The track is part victory lap, as emoore looks gratefully and having spent a good decade and a half in the rap game and proud to still be apart of it, and part making a scene at a party he wasn't invited to by taking shots at mainstream exploitation rappers. file this one under arrogant underdog rap."

Listen here