Friday, February 27, 2015

Zeus - Closer To Dead

Zeus (half of Middle Name Danger), of Beasley's Corner Bodega got that new mixtape to make your shit shake.

Zeus releases a new 6 track mixtape featuring several original beats from him and Nautilus as well as a couple remixes. Download this for free in preparation of a much bigger Zeus project with some special guests this summer!

free download

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Stillborn Identity - Rainbow Assasins (w/ Jack Wilson & Davy Hamburgers as Bigelow Riders) off STLBRNcollabamonth2015

Underground rapper, Stillborn Identity, releases first leak off upcoming project, STLBRNcollabamonth2015.

    Stillborn Identity (of Pittsburgh's Surface Level Records) teams up with Jack Wilson (NYC via Pittsburgh), and Davy Hamburgers (the Pittsburgh's MF Doom) for this Bigelow Riders track, Rainbow Assassins. Although the three are primarily focused on solo and other artistic endeavors of various mediums, they occasionally join forces as, Bigelow Riders. In this case releasing an all thrills no frills Davy Hamburger produced banger.
     As the title may have already pointed out, Stillborn's album, STLBRNcollabamonth2015, is a collection of collaborations released monthly in 2015 and leaked onto the internet. In addition to the songs shared during the course of the year, Stillborn will be gathering remixes, mash-ups, lost verses, and flipped concepts of those tracks that will only be available by purchasing physical or digital copies of the album.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

TheThrowAwayDays issue #3

     So I was going to scan in issue #3 of TheThrowAwayDays that came out in May of 2014, but I took pictures instead. I couldn't install the scanner that I bought a few months ago because I don't have enough free space on my computer right now. After I took the pictures on my cell phone, emailed to myself, then started uploading them I realized they were blurry. So then I decided to bust out my external hard drive and find the files that I sent to print. I feel like something gets lost in translation when you're looking at a zine online, so I wanted to at least scan or show pictures of it so you could see that it's a real thing you can hold. But I blew it. At least for now. :/

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

interview with Raymond Strife as seen in TheThrowAwayDays issue #2

TheThrowAwayDays: Have you ever bought groceries? I feel like I've never seen you eat food at your house before.
Raymond Strife: (Laughs) I don't think I ever really have gone grocery shopping unless it was with somebody. That's the funniest way to start this. Yeah, the only time I ever did was when I lived with one of my ex-girlfriends. We would go to Wal-Mart, and I would definitely eat her cooking, but I still would be like I'm not buying anything from Wal-Mart, fuck them. So I think that's the closest I've ever come to grocery shopping.

TTAD: A lot of dudes want you to bang their girlfriends with them or for them. Why do you think that is? Do you think it's all the gay jokes in your songs?
Ray: Maybe.

TTAD: This has happened more than once, yanno?
Ray: I don't know, I think maybe it's because I'm really not judgmental. Or maybe I just seem gayer than I am. I dunno maybe I just seem like I'm a weirdo. (Laughs)

TTAD: What's the difference between a bio and a description?
Ray: I have no idea.

TTAD: Oh yeah, Ben (Luckman) was telling me to ask that. I thought you were gonna get all bent outta shape.
Ray: Yeah, I was all bent outta shape in the car, cause I put down my description then what the fuck do you want from me? Why would you wanna know where I was born and shit? Do you care when you go download music? It's like, "well he lived here for 10 years, then he lost his job," like no one gives a fuck about that shit man. I mean maybe if it's interesting, but I'd rather just hear the music and then find out. I don't think anyone goes to a website and goes, "oh that sounds interesting, I think I'll listen now." I dunno, wouldn't you just listen first? Read the little snippet about what it's about.
I dunno, I just hate all the fucking music websites, I hate it. I don't think it's that cool. I hate doing it. I feel lame but you like have to do it to let people know about your shit.

TTAD: What's your best Roebus One and Dinz tour story?
Ray: I don' know, man. I don't know if I can tell any of the Dinz ones because they all involve real fucked up shit with him.
But maybe, Roebus probably the time I met him. It's not the craziest story but like the first time I ever did a show with him outside of New Jersey, was here. It was in Pittsburgh, and we stayed with John and them. It was like me, and Roebus, and GDP, and Shape, and Frank(TMFSE), and them and we were in the kitchen talking and making jokes about some bullshit. And all of a sudden Roebus makes this face like someone walked on his grave, and we're all laughing so we're like what the fuck, what's wrong? And he's like, "I just swallowed me tooth!" I thought that was like the funniest thing.
Almost as funny as when he was always tell Farricker and Dinz on tour he could end their career with one phone call.
And then when we were in Florida we did some like college video interview. I have no idea what they used it for, because none of the people who shot it stuck around for our show. But like the whole time we were trying to talk about our music, and Roebus was piss drunk for like three days and like he just kept yelling shit that didn't make any sense and his pants kept falling down. And he kept pointing at me and going, "This guy's the realest dude cause all he does is drink Pabst Blue Ribbon everywhere he goes no matter how much money he has. It doesn't matter." And his pants are just like around his ankles while Dinz and Farricker are trying to answer questions and he's just yelling. And they put a garbage can in the middle of the apartment for him to like throw up in because he just passed out on the floor. And I put a bagel on his chest to try and get him to eat some bread. And in the middle of the show he just woke up and peed in the garbage can in the middle of the living room.
That was pretty good, man. I miss that kid.

TTAD: When's the last time you didn't drink a beer in a day?
Ray: I dunno, maybe like, ugh, I think like two months ago I took two or three days off and I had nightmares every night. I don't really sleep very well even when I do drink so it's hard to sleep at all when I'm not drunk. Like even last night when we went to bed I was pretty sober and I had nightmares all night.

TTAD: What's your favorite comic book?
Ray: The Amazing Spider Man. Superior Spider Man is what it is now but it's still a great book. It's written by Dan Slott, it's just like really solid. It's all about Peter Parker, yanno, barely scraping by but doing the right thing and I like that kinda character.

TTAD: Last questions, wanna say something about your music?
Ray: Is that the question? I been thinking a lot on this tour about why I still do this, and is it even worth it.  I'm trying not to concern myself so much of where I wish I was and try to enjoy where I am even though I'm just getting older, and poorer, and shit.
But I don't know. I think my live set is the only reason I do music. I think my recordings come out ok, but like people seeing me live is the real reason I do it. And I think like there's a lot more substance in my performance than in what I write to be honest. I dunno what people are gonna take away from that, they should still check out my music. But yeah, I dunno.
Oh yeah, maybe one more thing is I think punks piss me off just as much as rappers now. Everyone's just a fucking asshole all the time. Like every time I go play a cool house show somewhere I haven't played before now, even if most the people are cool there's always a couple dick heads who are just like trendy beard, borderline metal douche bags who just like hate on the hip hop factor at a punk show. And it's like who the fuck are you man, I been here. Whatever, so I dunno. I was trying to do more hip hop shows and less punk shows because I thought it would help me get more in that crowd cause it's so hit or miss with punk shit. But I'm just getting back to being like, "ohhh this sucks, no ones gonna pay me, and I came the farthest, and I have to open." And it was just like exactly how all the hip hop shows are, and I started doing punk shows again and they're just like that now. I dunno if that's like a different era that's coming up, or just because I'm doing hip hop I should have to open or whatever. I dunno, half the time I wonder why people even book me.
There ya go. End it on a positive fucking note.

Raymond Strife

interview by Cody Jones/Stillborn Identity

interview with GDP as seen in TheThrowAwayDays issue #2

In most publications it would be pretty uncouth to tell the reader this, but considering I'm printing less than 100 copies of this issue and I don't give a fuck about being PC or keeping it posi for the kiddies I'll let you know that GDP ate some mushrooms right before this interview. Another reason some "journalists" might not inform the reader that is because it could be damaging to the artists reputation, but if you're reading this chances are you already know GDP has dabbled in his fair share of recreational drugs. I don't think the drugs affected the answers, although we did occasionally get off course. But more than likely that was because of me talking like a drunk yinzer.

TTAD: When you were a kid would you rather have been a pro skater or a pro rapper?
GDP: Up to a certain point it was a toss up. And then I probably realized like late middle school, my buddies brother opened up a skate shop called Division East. Which ties into what we were doing if you've been paying attention some shit that we were working with earlier. About then I started meeting some really really good skaters and I realized skateboarding is gonna be something i always did but i accepted that it would be a hobby. just rock with it. I was better at making music, so I thought. So I still think.

It's almost nicer now. Like I know some people, so many friends of mine are trying to get on. And it becomes this fucking chore where like "now I have to get a trick." It just looses it's taste. Music to some degree it's like, now I can't just make the songs. It has to get out there to people. I have to tour on it. Make a stab at paying the bills with it. Where skateboarding we still have the beautiful relationship where it's only fun. When i'm on my skateboard it's no pressure except to enjoy myself. It's good, it's like therapy. In that regard I'm almost glad I chose music. Skateboarding to me is almost more sacred, I haven't had to lean on it like I have with music. There's sort of expectations I have with music where skateboarding is strictly skateboarding.

TTAD: What did you go to college for and are you ever gonna work in that field?
GDP: English, creative writing, and music. And I think it's safe to say yes. Not in a traditional sense, but certainly.

TTAD: Does have a college degree get you a higher guarantee?
GDP: Definitely (laughs) and student loans will also up your guarantees. Take your student loans, try to defer them, and you'll definitely getter a better leg up in the rap field.

TTAD: What is the last real job you ever had? not even like real big boy job, like just a job.
GDP: Yeah, like a joe job. Waiting tables. Like literally I quit when we were moving to the Bronx to record useless eaters. So the last real job I had I dropped that in June of 2010. I've have odd jobs, wild shit like that definitely kept me afloat. Like, that was the last time I literally had a time card. I'm not above that that. I know one day I might have to do that shit again. I'm just striving to not have to, cause I feel like I have more important things to be worrying about. I respect anyone doing that to get by, but try to use that money to get your leg up. So many of my friends are gonna be a bartender forever, not that there is anything wrong with that, but if you have aspirations use that as a stepping stone to go wherever you need to go. No disrespect but it's like I took that money and got my ass to New York to record a record and I've been trying to tread water ever since.

TTAD: Here's a stab at your new record. Who finally taught you how to count bars?
GDP: I've always known, I just don't care. And I still don't. In the future you'll be even more aware of that.

TTAD: Your new stuff is mad depressing, are you pretty much over the braggadocio?
GDP: Hell no. I haven't even tipped the ice berg of my braggadocio this is just like another record I wanted to make. I'll get away from the braggadocio again. You know what I mean. I just wanna be able to write whatever. I'm like an octopus, More than that though. Every tentacle being another octopus.

TTAD: With how depressing your last record was do you ever feel like through all your touring shit you were just running from something? Instead of you graduated from college and were like, "now I'm a rapper."
GDP: The answer is yes. I had been trying to be a rapper. But like it just came to a point where things were shaky in my life, pretty much the whole time I was in college every weekend I was outta town playing shows.

My parents are fucking cool. They really scrimped and scrapped their whole lives to save enough to put me through college. When I was 17 and said I didn't wanna go to college. They weren't mad but they were heart broken. You know what I mean? They weren't trying to guilt trip me or anything they were just legitimately upset. I had never seen my dad cry before. At his fathers funeral and when I told him I didn't wanna go to college. I was just like ok what are they asking me to do, give it a shot, and then it was just like whatever. I just saw the shit through. I got out and start touring and going hard I'm like, "oh wait, maybe no one gives a fuck, maybe the whole time i was in college i could have actually gotten an education instead of worrying about being a rapper and putting all my eggs in this basket." Around then in my love life things started falling apart. Holla was actually super cathartic for me. It's not depressing, it's the least depressing thing I've ever done. Its like my next lease on life. And when #$ (Hash Money) comes out in a  few months, you'll see Holla is like half a bridge so to speak. You'll see the whole picture when the #$ (Hash Money) record come out.

The Wrong Address: You were thinking about stopping rapping before, right?
GDP: Yeah, when we (GDP & The Wrong Address) started hanging out I was over rapping. When Useless Eaters came out I cancelled a Europe tour I cancelled like so many fucking shows. My girl and I were breaking up. I was just like I've put everything in my life to put GDP in front of my personal life and for what? I'm 23 years old and I'm barely getting by and I've just put all this negative energy out there in the world. There's music videos of me fucking girls and shooting cops. And what has it done but like fuck up everything I actually cared about as a person. Like where does this lead me. Like I'll google my name now let me try to get a real job. At this point I'm like, fuck. And then we (The Wrong Address) started hanging out more and he was also going through the same thing. You wanna talk about it?

The Wrong Address: Same type of shit you know what I mean.
GDP: The opposite actually. You had some sick fucking job and making a ton of money.
The Wrong Address: But I hated it, and the girl shit too.
 GDP: Yeah we won't go into it. Sorry girls, I love ya. But you understand, and girls go through guy shit.  It's just like I'm a guy, I don't experience the world as a woman. I'm a feminist at heart.

TTAD: What Europe tour did you drop off of?
GDP: I was gonna go out there with my friends AOI and Mr. DNA. They threw me like $1,000 on my ticket and I was gonna cover the other half. It was also kinda cause like the money was seeming like I was gonna come out of pocket. They ended up killing it and it was a great tour, so I was like fuck whoops. But I was just going through so much shit, dude, I was just like not showing up for shows. There was a bunch of shows I was supposed to play on Useless Eaters and I literally just didn't feel like calling them. I was just like in bed. Not some faggot like I'm so depressed artist thing. It was just like I don't care, but I got off that.

TTAD: When you were depressed and not gonna make music anymore, what did you want from your life instead?
GDP: Some finical stability, cause I was traveling around, and at that point I was kinda staying at my parents house. I was living with a girl for free, not that that was why I was with her, but I fucked that right up because I just broke up with her. And then I was like bouncing around, staying with friends. I almost moved to Oakland with my bud Jake. I did a Cali run and ate an edible and just lost it and I stopped smoking weed for almost a year and a half. I just wanted some sort of stability. I loved nothing in my life. Like my music shit that was suppose to hold me down, it was like I don't have a booking agent everyone that is reaching out to me doesn't understand what the fuck to do with me. Like they're offering me tours that suck, my friends are like "Why don't you just do it?" Cause I work too hard to go on some shit tour where I don't fit in the lineup. I don't wanna do that bull shit. If it's not putting my best foot forward career-wise and finically, it's like my integrity is worth more than that. But it's gonna be a real fun year for me I promise.

TTAD: What's the rest of the year got going on for you? Or beyond that if you know?
GDP: I'm launching a record label called Smokers Cough. ( It's gonna be myself, The Wrong Address, Shape, The Man From Somewhere Else, AOI, DOS4GW, #$, Schlang, the Slangcorp camp kinda redistributed/repurposed and a bunch of other people you haven't heard of before. Maybe you have but didn't realize we were friends. I'm also working with some other labels. I've just been given a really nice plateau to get me and my friends music out and that's what I'm doing this year. And play a bunch of shows. I just release a record with The Wrong Address called Holla,  I'm releasing an ep with Space Jesus in February under the group name #$ (Hash Money), then I'm doing a solo record called Permanent Vocation., that's what I'm doing this year. Go there and you'll find out all about it.


interview by Cody Jones/Stillborn Identity

interview with Sole as seen in TheThrowAwayDays issue #2

     I wanted to interview Sole at the show he played in Pittsburgh a while ago. Before any of the acts went on I asked him to do an interview for my "shitty zine" and he was down. Since I was nervous I decided to wait until after I tied on a few cold beers. I ended up drinking too much to work my recorder, and I think Sole was three sheets to the wind as well, but I have a habit of thinking everyone is equally as drunk as me.  So I'm not sure if he was actually drunk or I just didn't want to feel like the only drunk asshole so I told myself he was to drunk to do the interview too.
     Sole agreed to do the interview via email. When an artist says that they'll do an interview through email it usually means they agree not to hurt your feelings by telling you your "shitty zine" isn't worth their time because you don't even have enough clout to write freelance for anyone but yourself. But Sole held true and returned my questions is less than 12 hours.
     I prefaced all my questions in the email by saying I was terrible at spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc, etc, so any mistakes he sent back I more than likely wouldn't catch. I send this to most artists I interview through email, but I felt like Sole is pretty smart so I wouldn't have much proofreading to do. However, his answers were filled with mistakes, and me being the disillusioned paranoid fanboy I am I assumed he only did this to test me to see if I really was going to fix any of his mistakes or not. Well I'm not a god damn liar, so here is the e-mail I got back from Sole in it's entirety, word for word, mistake for mistake.

TheThrowAwayDays: Any idea what happened with that kid, Manny, and Lord Grunge during your set last night? What the fuck are you supposed to do as a rapper when the show promoter is about to get in a fight during your set?
Sole: seriously that was wack as fuck.  it was especially pissed off when manni straight shut my sound off and didn't even say anything to me about it.  if the goal is to put on a concert, then its best to put on a concert.  in those situations, you have to make a decision, is what im doing going to escalate a conflict or de escalate?   yes the dude allegedly did some fucked up shit, but two or three wrongs dont make a right!

T-TAD: Who are you top three favorite red headed rappers?
Sole: none of them.

T-TAD: What happened with Serengeti and Open Mike Eagle who were supposed to be on your tour?
Sole: its not my tour, its Jel's tour.  Things with transportation got fucked up so there was no room for mike eagle in the vehicle.  i don't really understand serengetti's situation or his excuses.  I think Jel would be better suited to answer these questions then me ;)

T-TAD: Got any good tour story gossip from "Old Oakland Reunion Tour"
Sole: the best/worst stuff i can't repeat.  to be honest though, not really.  it was a pretty smooth fun tour with little drama.

T-TAD: What is one pro and con about Anticon/Fake Four/Black Canyon Music?
Sole: i am not on anticon anymore.


anticon  pros: awesome, authentic history, strong brand.  cons:  the brand remains
fake four pros: great label, community,& artists  . cons: ceschi is in prison
black canyon: pros: not really a label, just a mode of doing music work, getting paid in full and releasing what i want when i want.  con: so much fucking work and i need help with booking.

T-TAD: Why does Pedestrian write some of your songs/or you play his or whatever? (ex Assad is Dead, Banks of Marble)
Sole: because he doesn't enjoy rapping as much as i do, and he writes in my voice better then i do sometimes.  theres stuff i can get away with saying that he can't.  he doesn't care about fame or careers or any of that shit, he just enjoys writing and i enjoy rapping his lyrics.

T-TAD: Not that I really want any juicy details if this still does exist, but is there still a beef with El P? Or does rap beef kinda just fade away about so many years, or maybe once you hit 30?
Sole: no it doesnt exist anymore, we've squashed our beef.  that shit cast a huge black cloud over my career though, so although its gone there are a lot of people i'll never be friends with.

T-TAD: In an interview you did with Above Ground Magazine you said something about how helpful Lil B was when you worked with him. How did that collab come to be, and in what ways was he helpful?
Sole: i think regardless of what you think about his music, he revolutionized the game.  he shows you that in the 2010's all you need is a youtube account and a website to host music on, and if you worked hard and did interesting/compelling shit people will support you.  thats revolutionary, it puts labels out of a job but forces artists to work harder!  so when i wanted to make videos i was talking to lil b about cameras, he gave great advice, he also gave me some great advice on how to run twitter bots effectively.  most people dont give out trade secrets, but lil b doesn't give a shit.  

: Say something smart about that smart shit you do that I'm too much of a dumb-dumb-dummy to ask about. (yanno, your fancy diet, your podcast, occupy Denver)"
Sole: prairie dogs have one of the most advanced languages in the animal kingdom.  they have over 72 words, they use adjectives like "big" nouns like "human" or "fox." they lived in a heirarchical society, almost like a monarchy.  a male and a female have babies, those babies then form colonies along the borders of the alpha male/female.  this creates security for the elders and allows them to keep building out.  not saying i support this sort of model for society but prairie dogs are still dope as fuck


interview by Cody Jones/Stillborn Identity